About me

UX/UI & Digital Service

Are you searching for profitable distribution business ideas and opportunities? My work is a passion for taking entrepreneurs, startup, sme to the next level by creativity.

My Value

Discover opportunities for innovation across digital and physical touchpoints.

Data Design

Creating an infographic, data viz and communicate your data and content for your audience.


Respect For Tech

Understand developer process.

Boost Your Capabilities

UX research phase allows me to develop the solutions that are specific to our client's needs.


Design is how it works to what it looks like.


Simplifying the process of task management and collaboration for design and team.


A successful journey requires a well-drawn map. In the discovery stage, I understanding your business goals, talking to your users, analyzing your competition, and uncovering hidden opportunities.

1. Defined your business need

2. Create design concept

3. Create prototype

3. Test and morniter

Get in touch

I will provide free service such as consult,Google Street.

Feel free to contact me or tell information about your project